Meet the Team: HuntWise Pro Staff — Times To Hunt (2023)

Meet the Team: HuntWise Pro Staff — Times To Hunt (1)

Born out of the desire to combine technology and weather, HuntWise exists to optimize the hunter's time and success in the field by providing the right information at the right time. From the seasoned professional to the beginner hunter, HuntWise Pro Staff is driven by a shared passion and love of the outdoors, hunting, and conservation. Read on to meet the Pro Staff team.

Meet the Team: HuntWise Pro Staff — Times To Hunt (2)

Jeff Sturgis, Whitetail Habitat Solutions

The whitetail guru, Jeff Sturgis, is a biologist, habitat design specialist, founder of Whitetail Habitat Solutions, and author of Whitetail Success by Design. Driven by his passion for whitetail hunting and habitat design from public to private late, Sturgis has spent the last 30 years perfecting his whitetail algorithm.

For Sturgis, what began as a love of hunting squirrels in the treetops of Southern Michigan, morphed into a desire to assist others on their whitetail pursuits by sharing his experiences of successes and my failures. Through Whitetail Habitat Solutions, Sturgis has saved hunters hundreds of hours of learning and thousands of dollars in perfecting their own passion.

In 2020, Jeff Sturgis joined forces with HuntWise to launch HuntCast 2.0, the most powerful deer prediction algorithm the market has ever seen. HuntCast goes beyond weather by combining tech, science, and decades of insight, knowledge, and experience. Through videos and blogs, Sturgis arranges the pieces of the hunting and habitat puzzle together with an arsenal of resources for whitetail hunters of all levels.

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(Video) Hunting With SEEK ONE In Atlanta (12 deer down)

The Untamed

Born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia, the Untamed crew is nothing short of adventurous. With a passion to hunt in their home state, The Untamed wants to leave everyone with the impression that hunting is accessible to all. These four men believe that we were born wild and should be living free, and that is what they aim to offer their viewers on YouTube. From documenting an epic harvest to capturing a simple lesson, Josh, Kirk, Trace, and Jay are always discovering something new and telling a story.

Based in West Virginia, The Untamed is exposed to many different species, allowing them to diversify themselves as outdoorsmen, houndsmen, and hunters. From black bear to whitetail, this crew loves the challenge that each animal can bring and what they can learn from each experience.

Chris Bee

A competitive archer and bowhunter from Michigan, Chris Bee has been shooting the stick and string since he was old enough to pull it back. From professional archer to outdoorsman to social-media influencer, Bee emphasizes the adventure, practice, process, and thrill behind each hunt.

Bee is a five-time national champion who shot a perfect 900 as a pro at The Vegas Shoot in 2017. Having travelled the world as a professional archer, his shooting resume lists several podium finishes at both national and international competitions.

Bee’s personable vlog-style YouTube channel follows his passion for both hunting and fishing and hones in on his time in the field.

“If you do something long enough, and you’re passionate about it, something good is probably going to come from it.”

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Allie D'Andrea, Outdoors Allie

A hunter, angler, conservationist and all around outdoors woman, Allie D'Andrea began documenting and sharing her outdoor adventures on social media in 2015 through the Outdoors Allie channel. Beginning as a way to connect with like minded folks who hunt for their food, care deeply for wildlife, public land conservation, and enjoy sharing a cold one around a campfire, Allie’s platform has grown a tight knit community of outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Allie aims to inspire both novice and veteran sportsmen and women by encouraging the conservation of natural resources, portraying hunters and anglers as purpose driven intellectual individuals, preserving hunting and fishing heritage, and providing entertainment through her travels and adventures.

(Video) Hunting Target Bucks, Weather Patterns, and Summer Food Plots w/ Don Higgins | HUNTR Podcast #86

Beyond her time in the field, Allie is a co-founder of Artemis, a sportswomen conservation group, and co-owner of Worn and Weathered, a lifestyle and apparel brand. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen creating wild game recipes, on the water slinging a line, and exploring public land in pursuit of deer and elk.

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Jon Collins, Tooth And Claw TV

Born and raised in South Central Kentucky, predator hunter Jon Collins began hunting at a young age. Through the years, Collins has hunted a variety of wild game species including turkey, whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, black bear, bobcats, and coyotes in multiple states. Driven by his passion for videography and photography Collins was led to a position at Wired Outdoors. Available on Amazon Prime Video, Wired Outdoors follows hunters as they track elk, bucks, snakes and more across the United States of America. The team shows how to hunt various animals with bows, traps and rifles.

Collins has always enjoyed hunting animals where calling comes into play. Naturally, he fell in love with predator hunting. Calling in 7 coyotes on his first coyote stand, Jon naturally fell in love with predator hunting. Filming coyote hunts for Wired Outdoors soon became his main focus and two years later he launched Tooth And Claw TV, a 100% predator hunting show.

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Shane Mowery, Bone Maniacs

Residing in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, Shane Mowery began hunting at an early age. From Eastern to the Western United States, Shane has harvested world-class animals. To Shane, hunting is more than just the harvest, but rather it’s about learning the habits of animals and enjoying the camaraderie of friends and family.

From his years of experience, Shane works with Bone Maniacs to provide knowledge to those who seek to know what it is to become a sportsman in the wild. The Bone Maniacs story is more than just a harvest of a record book animal or a name engraved on a plaque.

Shane works with a network of outfitters where the Bone Maniacs team hunts and assesses hunting grounds, takes inventory of game and gives necessary feedback on how to help maintain a growing herd. By doing this, Bone Maniacs help to increase the volume for potential mainstream hunters to book at these outfitters we have hunted with.

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Bowga Hunting

Bowga Hunting is a group of outdoorsmen, bowhunters, and conservationists from West Michigan. With a passion for meeting and learning from other hunters from around the country, the Bowga Hunting Podcast features a wide range of industry leaders in the bowhunting community. From educational podcasts, videos, and articles, Bowga aims to inform and strengthen the hunt of hunters at all levels.

Founded by Michigan natives, James Zandstra and Jared Gortsema, the men of Bowga Hunting are accomplished bowhunters with a passion for the outdoors who have taken tons of different animals from around the midwest. Joined by their passion for the outdoors, Bowga works hard to share the story and pass the tradition of hunting for generations to come

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Joe Griffin

An outdoorsman and father, Joe Griffin is a Michigan native with a passion for bringing new hunters into the field. With 15 years of hunting experience, Joe loves to hunt anything, but his true hunting passion lies in the west. Coming from a family of non-hunters, Joe recognizes there’s “far more to be gained from becoming a hunter than killing an animal and filling the freezer or putting horns on the wall.” Joe has guided waterfowl, turkey, and elk hunts across the country and is also an active angler.

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The Rise Hunt is a Michigan-based Team that travels the Midwest chasing mature Whitetails. A like-minded set of dedicated bowhunters with the goal to document, create, and entertain the hunt, The RISE is a semi-live, biweekly, web-based bowhunting series.

Presenting unfiltered hunts with obstacles and strategies to learn from, The Rise is driven by their passion for bowhunting, the outdoors, and the pursuit of whitetail.

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(Video) How To Guarantee A Mule Deer Tag In Your Pocket

Whitetail Venatic

An outdoor and hunting channel founded by two brothers from Michigan, Whitetail Venatic focuses on whitetail archery hunting with traditional and compound bows on public land.

This fair chase hunting channel gives a funny, educational, and unique perspective on the outdoors using social media, photos, and video, for our audience.

The men of Whitetail Venatic began hunting, fishing, exploring, and doing anything outdoors at a young age. Today, the group works hard to bring unique perspectives on real-life hunting and the outdoors.

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Hunt Moxie

A group of bowhunters from Ohio, Hunt Moxie was created to flip the hunting industry on its head and shake things up a bit. Five friends who wanted to inject new energy into a stale industry. Hunt Moxie set out with one simple mission in mind; to capture the chase and share the lifestyle.

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Blueline Bowhunters

Owned and operated by law enforcement officers who are passionate about the challenging adventure of hunting with a stick and string. BlueLine Bowhunters are based in Pennsylvania and aim to give back to military veterans, police officers, and support conservation efforts.

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Does HuntWise cost money? ›

HuntWise has a PRO plan that is $20 a month or $60 a year. HuntWise also has an ELITE plan that gives you the full suite of whitetail deer hunting tools and longer HuntCast for $40 a month or $120 a year.

Does HuntWise show property lines? ›

Landowner Information

HuntWise taps into public data to show you public and private property lines. For Pro and Elite members, the app provides the latest private landowner contact information, including their phone number and address.

Is the HuntWise app worth it? ›

It is user friendly. There are a ton of different things that you can do with it. It is less expensive than similar apps. The only improvement really that would bump this app up to an 8 or 8.5 is showing topography and contour lines, but overall this should be a tool that every hunter has in their pocket.

How long is the HuntWise free trial? ›

Try HuntWise For Free

Start your risk-free 7-day trial now!

What is the best free mapping app for hunting? ›

Next, we discuss the features of these hunting apps in detail.
  • onX Hunt. Available on both Android and iOS, this app by onX is all about providing a land identification system. ...
  • BaseMap. ...
  • Huntstand. ...
  • SAS Survival Guide. ...
  • Lenzmark Hunt. ...
  • Garmin Earthmate. ...
  • Huntwise. ...
  • GPS Tracks.

What is the free hunting app for property lines? ›

Use onX Hunt as a fully-functioning GPS navigation app on your phone. View private and public property land ownership data, landowner names, and property lines on your custom maps. Easily view hunting units, mountain roads and trails, US topographic maps, and more.

Which hunting GPS shows property lines? ›

The onX Hunt App accurately shows property information for private and public lands as well as where the property boundaries are. See maps showing property owner information in the United States. onX Hunt can show you where to hunt, but more importantly where you cannot hunt.

Who owns HuntWise app? ›

Sportsman Tracker was founded in 2015 by Jeff Courter, an avid hunter and tech entrepreneur who lives in Rockford. The company created the HuntWise mobile app, which provides users with weather predictions, the time of day when animal activity is highest, maps and more.

Does HuntWise show public land? ›

Land Boundaries

The easiest way to view public land is by using HuntWise maps. You can look at landowner boundaries, including state, federal, and all other public lands. Some public land may be "landlocked." You can easily find the right of way/easement access to get into this land on HuntWise Maps.

What apps do deer stalking? ›

If you are thinking of a hunting app, the two market leaders are Huntstand and MyFieldsports (called MyHunt outside the UK). Huntstand from the USA has an American heritage steeped in hunts for whitetail deer. MyFieldsports is the UK version of MyHunt, and can't escape its Germanic heritage.

What is the best app to predict deer movement? ›

DeerCast predicts deer movement. Save time and money by hunting when conditions are right! Become a better deer hunter using DeerCast to collect and deliver all the information and tools you need.

What is the best hunting website? ›

Most Visited Hunting and Shooting Websites
1gunbroker.comSports > Hunting and Shooting
2palmettostatearmory.comSports > Hunting and Shooting
3sportsmans.comSports > Hunting and Shooting
4midwayusa.comSports > Hunting and Shooting
46 more rows

How much is HuntStand Pro subscription? ›

Unlock essential maps and tools for hunting and land management. For only $29.99 USD per year, gain access to property boundaries, public hunting land maps, monthly satellite imagery, real 3D mapping, and more.

How much does hunt app cost? ›

Pricing for Hunt is $29.99 per year for Premium and $99.99 per year for Elite. You can also start a free trial and receive premium features for seven days.

What hunting app shows wind? ›

HuntWind's color coded wind indicators, will show you the exact moment when your specific winds are perfect for sitting in the stand.

Is there a free version of onX Hunt? ›

Yes: The free version of the App includes satellite, topo, and hybrid maps, as well as the ability to Track your trips and add markups. Free does not include off-road trails, trail descriptions, recreation points, and the ability to download unlimited offline maps.

Can I use my phone as a hunting GPS? ›

Pros and Cons of Using a Cell Phone for Hunting

They are powerful tools that can make a lot of things easier in our lives, and that extends to hunting. From planning a hunt to tracking an animal we shot, a cell phone that uses a cutting-edge GPS hunting map app can do a lot to up your hunting game.

What is the cheapest hunting app? ›

Best Budget Hunting App: BaseMap

Personally, I like the Species Range mapping feature, which gives an estimate of what kinds of critters you'll find where. You can also pay an extra $10 and take advantage of the app's desktop hunt planner. These features include access to national harvest data as well as season dates.

What is the most accurate app for finding property lines? ›

The most advanced and comprehensive parcel data and property line map application. LandGlide gives you access on all your devices.
  • Hover over a property to. instantly view details.
  • Save your favorites, add notes, and export.
  • Access LandGlide on all. your devices.

What are the best apps to find hunting land? ›

The onX Hunt App gives you the most comprehensive maps and information to locate public lands, even the smallest tracts near local farmlands. Whether you are hunting elk, deer, or small game, onX Hunt can help you know where you stand.

How accurate is LandGlide? ›

How accurate are the parcel lines in LandGlide®? The parcel lines within our database are fairly accurate. The property lines are not intended to represent actual recently surveyed property lines and are not recommended to use for legal purposes.

How accurate is Google Maps with property lines? ›

Are property lines on Google Maps accurate? No. Google Maps are not that accurate, and you shouldn't rely on them as a source for factual information regarding property lines. Much like a plat map, they only provide a general idea of where property lines exist.

Can I use Google Earth to find property lines? ›

It's important to note that while Google Maps does have the ability to show property lines, this information isn't always available for a variety of reasons. Sometimes Google just doesn't have access to that data, at which point it can't display it.

How do I use Google Maps for property lines? ›

Draw a line or shape
  1. On your computer, sign in to My Maps.
  2. Open or create a map. ...
  3. Click Draw a line. ...
  4. Select a layer and click where to start drawing. ...
  5. Click each corner or bend of your line or shape. ...
  6. When you're finished drawing, double-click or complete the shape.
  7. Give your line or shape a name.

What hunting app does MeatEater use? ›

Steven Rinella of "MeatEater" trusts the onXmaps Hunt App to help him find his hunts in the wilderness. Whether he's searching for squirrels or big game, he says the app helps him and his crew understand new terrain. Have questions about this ad or our catalog? Check out our FAQ Page.

What hunting app does the hunting public use? ›

We use onX all the time. It really is an incredibly useful tool for whitetail scouting, and hunting, and just finding places to hunt. I mean there's tons of people out there that are looking for spots to hunt.

Who owns HuntStand? ›

HuntStand was founded in 2012 by the company's CEO, Lanford Holloway. Years before, Lanford was out hunting on a piece of land that he had known very well.

What are the five stages of Hunter development? ›

The five stages of hunter development are:
  • Shooting Stage.
  • Limiting-Out Stage.
  • Trophy Stage.
  • Method Stage.
  • Sportsman Stage.

What is RutCast? ›

“RutCast combines scientific and historical data, expert insight, and real time weather forecasting to track every phase of the whitetail rut as they unfold on a localized, geo-specific level.”

Does HuntStand show property owners? ›

Coverage for the United States and Canada

HuntStand offers property boundaries and property ownership info for 99% of the US, and property boundaries for much of Canada.

Can deer detect cell phones? ›

However, if they hear metal clanging, a cell phone going off, or a plastic bucket clunk, it's immediate high alert for all deer, but especially mature bucks. Even small things like a quiver snapping into place, or snapping a trail-camera door closed, can spell the end.

How do you know if a deer sees you? ›

Because their eyes are positioned to the side of the head instead of the front, deer have a large field of vision, about 300° to be exact, leaving only a 60° blind spot in the back of the head. This means that unless you are directly behind a deer, they can see you.

How do you attract deer in minutes? ›


Using a grunt call is a great way attract the attention of mature bucks. You should look to only grunt periodically, every 15 minutes to 20 minutes. 'Blind calling' can work but it is best to make the calls subtle and sparingly because you don't know how close a deer might be to you.

What is the best time for deer movement today? ›

Time of Day: For whitetail deer the most active times typically occur around dawn and dusk, with periodic increases in activity overnight. Plan ahead and get out there during the right time of day to increase your chances of success.

How far can deer see movement? ›

The researchers estimate that deer have 20/100 vision, meaning the level of detail they see at 20 feet is what normal human vision can see back to 100 feet. They also discovered that deer have a higher ratio of rods to cones than humans and a pupil 10 times larger than a human pupil.

What is the number one state to hunt in? ›

What Do Hunters Hunt?
  • Alaska: Best State for Really Big Game.
  • Arizona: Best State for the Quail Trifecta.
  • Arkansas: Best State for Black Bears and Bunnies.
  • Mississippi: Best State for Deer and Hogs.
  • Texas: Best State for Two Birds.
  • Idaho: Best State to Hunt Just About Anything.
  • Florida: Best State for Unique Species.
Apr 27, 2023

What do hunters hunt the most? ›

Most hunters know that whitetail deer are hunted way more than any other big-game species in the U.S., but do you know what's second?

Which state has the best deer hunters? ›

One of the regions with the highest success rates in the country is the Midwest. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin record some of the highest antlered buck harvest rates in the country, with Pennsylvania topping the charts in 2021 with estimates of 145,320 harvested bucks.

What's the difference between HuntStand and HuntStand pro? ›

While many of the preeminent HuntStand features are available for free through HuntStand's basic membership, HuntStand Pro unlocks several map layers, specialized tools, and curated content.

Where does HuntStand get its data? ›

Public Land Coverage for the Entire U.S.

HuntStand combines data from federal, state, and local sources to provide the most comprehensive public lands data.

How much does HuntWise Pro cost? ›

HuntWise has a PRO plan that is $20 a month or $60 a year. HuntWise also has an ELITE plan that gives you the full suite of whitetail deer hunting tools and longer HuntCast for $40 a month or $120 a year.

What is the easiest hunting app to use? ›

HuntStand. HuntStand is probably your best bet for an all-in-one hunting app. It features maps for easy navigation along with important information like property lines. The app also comes with tracking features, weather reports, and even some small social elements.

Who owns onX Hunt? ›

Eric Siegfried founded onX in 2009 to help hunters, including himself, see public land boundaries while in the field. He had a vision for how accurate location data with plug-and-play simplicity would support hunters and explorers alike.

What is bad wind for deer hunting? ›

Using local weather information to monitor wind speeds, the researchers found that deer moved the most in light winds. Movements dramatically declined when wind speeds reached 15 to 19 mph, but then shot back up when wind speeds exceeded 20 mph.

How much wind is too much for hunting? ›

If the wind is making your tree stand sway so hard that you feel like you're on a carnival ride, that's too much wind for deer hunting—from a stand, at least. If branches large enough to maim are crashing down around your ground blind, that's also too much wind for deer hunting.

What app is better than windy? ›

Top Competitors and Alternatives
  • Discover how your top competitor's audience surfs the web so you can tailor your website experience perfectly at every stage of the customer journey. ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Is HuntStand app free? ›

HuntStand is available on both IOS and Android phones as a FREE download. Once downloaded the user will create a personal profile to gain access to the features.

Is the go hunt app free? ›

INSIDERS are automatically entered. After your free trial, goHUNT INSIDER is $149/year.

Does hunting clash cost money? ›

Download Hunting Clash now for free and start your adventure with big buck hunter games. Sniper games in 2023 couldn't be better!

What is the best app for predicting deer movement? ›

DeerCast predicts deer movement. Save time and money by hunting when conditions are right! Become a better deer hunter using DeerCast to collect and deliver all the information and tools you need.

What is the best app to find public land? ›

The onX Hunt App gives you the most comprehensive maps and information to locate public lands, even the smallest tracts near local farmlands.

What hunting app does Steven Rinella use? ›

Steven Rinella of "MeatEater" trusts the onXmaps Hunt App to help him find his hunts in the wilderness. Whether he's searching for squirrels or big game, he says the app helps him and his crew understand new terrain. Have questions about this ad or our catalog? Check out our FAQ Page.

What is the best free hunting app for iPhone? ›

onX Hunt is the #1-rated hunting app for the iPhone and iPad.

What states does go hunt cover? ›

  • Randy Newberg.
  • INSIDER provides analysis and tools for every unit, every species, and every hunt — in each state we cover. ...
  • We currently cover Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. ...
  • Our giveaways are the most aggressive in the industry.

What is the most expensive game to hunt? ›

Marked as one of the most endangered and rare species of planet earth, the white rhinoceros top the list of expensive trophy hunts. Hunters agree to pay a whopping $125,000 or more for hunting down these precious creations.

How much do legendary hunters cost? ›

Legendary Hunters cost 200 Hunt Dollars to purchase and doing so will add them to your roster. Unlike regular characters you can recruit, Legendary Hunters will come with three traits instead of two.

Do you save money by hunting? ›

Let's start with the financial aspects: You'll save 75 to 150 bucks by processing your own deer or elk rather than paying a processor. Instead of buying meat at the grocery store, you now have a freezer full of lean, low-cholesterol meat, and all it cost you was a hunting license and a few rifle cartridges.


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