Supervisor, Air Traffic Control Training/Operations and Procedures Manager (2023)

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    • Published
    • Air Force Test Center
    (Video) Duties of Supervisor || What Are the Duties of Supervisor || Supervisor Duties at Site

    Come be a part of something big! Smart Minds, Cool Jobs and Awesome Rewards! Fueled by innovation, talent and ambition, the Air Force Civilian Service is seeking civilian professionals prepared to deploy war-winning capabilities on behalf of the United States Air Force.

    The Air Force Test Center (AFTC) is where tomorrows Air Force is tested! Long considered the “Center of the Aerospace Testing Universe”, AFTC is truly where Air Force superiority begins. Home to many Aerospace establishments and records, AFTC remains the state-of-the-art leader in Aerospace testing, and provides the warfighter with cutting-edge technology. AFTC does not only celebrate its past, but we continue to lead from the front. Join our team today and make Aerospace history!

    The Air Force Test Center is looking for a Full-Time Supervisor, Air Traffic Control Training/Operations and Procedures Manager (Terminal, Flight Test) (NH-2152-03) to work at the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) in the Air Force Test Center (AFTC), at the 412th Operations Group, 412th Operations Support Squadron, at Edwards AFB in Edwards, CA.

    Full-time Air Force Civilian Service employees enjoy the below benefits, and more!
    • Paid Time-Off:
    o 11 Federal Holidays off per year
    o Vacation time (Annual Leave) accumulates based on length of employment. Starts at 13 days (104 hours) per year and up to 26 days (208 hours) per year
    o 13 sick days per year (104 hours)
    • Various Medical, Dental & Vision packages to choose from for entire family
    • Retirement:
    o Pension: Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)
    o 401K: Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) available with up to 5% agency matching
    • Flexible work schedules and shift work may be available (depends on position)
    • Employee assistance Programs
    • Health and Wellness resources
    • Tuition Assistance & Professional Development opportunities
    • Many career enhancement and promotion opportunities

    • This position MAY be eligible for a recruitment/relocation incentive. Specifics will be discussed with the Selecting Official.

    Telework Information:
    • This position is Situational Telework Eligible (must reside in the local area) for UP TO a maximum of 80% of the time. Amount of telework time and telework schedule will be at the discretion of the Selecting Official and implemented after entrance on duty.

    This position has a typical 2023 salary range of $95,905 - $148,255 (includes locality).

    Announcement Closes: 1 June 2023

    Position specific skills and experience desired in a potential candidate:

    (Video) What It Takes To Be An Air Traffic Controller At The World's Busiest Airport

    - Knowledge of R-2515/R-2508 complex airspace, airspace management, air traffic control in the range, terminal and enroute structures.
    - Understanding of the procedures and protocol required to properly interface with Federal Aviation Administration and DoD air traffic control agencies.
    - Knowledge of AFTC flight activities to maintain close coordination and satisfactory working relationships with the Central Coordination Facility (CCF), and various Combined Test Force programs requiring test mission support.
    - Knowledge of technical and operational procedures sufficient to resolve any questions that may arise in planning conferences, and formulation of concept of operations (CONOPS) plans.

    In this position you will develop and manage the SPORT Military Radar Unit (MRU) controller development training program according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Air Force requirements in support of the Air Force Test Center (AFTC). Additionally, the SPORT MRU Training/Operations and Procedures Manager is responsible for planning, managing, developing, and coordinating local procedures with appropriate on/off base agencies to ensure operationally sound airspace utilization plans and a safe flying environment for AFTC missions. This position supervises the SPORT Military Radar Unit (MRU) Air Traffic/Test Mission Control function, provides Test Mission Control support, SPORT MRU Command and Control (C2) described by FAAO 7110.65, 7610.4, letters of agreement and other governing documents.

    Major Duties

    - Exercises supervisory personnel management responsibilities.
    - Manages SPORT Training Program: Responsible for preparing, coordinating and administering facility training requirements with SPORT management.
    - Assists in development of policies and procedures to ensure timely, efficient and safe conduct of Flight Test missions.
    - Serves as subject matter expert to Test Plan Working Groups, Safety Review Boards, Central Coordinating Facility (CCF) and other operational requirement forums which determine the validity and safety of flight tests.
    - Directs the total operation of the test mission control activity during his/her tour of duty. Assigns personnel to various positions of operation.
    - Ensures that maximum utilization of airspace and special use areas are consistent with established safety of flight rules and regulations.
    - Assists SPORT management in development and maintenance of Letters of Agreements (LOA), Operating Instructions (OI) and Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with internal and outside agencies.
    - Manages the operation of various computer software, computer displays and computer routines for inputting or gathering of air traffic movement data and communications equipment used to direct flight test and provide airborne guidance to aerospace vehicles.
    - Utilizes the STARS Radar system and other radio, landline and automation communications systems as needed to meet daily mission requirements.
    - Manages the development, maintenance, and implementation of SPORT MRU SharePoint web portal. Provides input toward development and maintenance of the Airfield Automation System (AFAS).


    - U.S. Citizenship
    - Obtain & maintain Security clearance.
    - Must possess current and valid FAA/ATC specialist certification and maintain same.
    - The incumbent must have the ability to meet/maintain on a continuing basis, the physical, mental, and medical standards for ATC duties as specified in Code of Federal Regulation 14 Part 67 (Class II FAA Physical)
    - May be required to work an uncommon tour of duty, i.e., Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, etc. May be required rotating shifts and overtime. May be required to respond to short notice recall supporting unscheduled emergency air traffic and/or contingencies/exercises to support the mission.
    - Must complete all training requirements within facility prescribed time limits to obtain and maintain a full facility rating in facility of assignment.
    - This position is covered as an Air Traffic Controller under 5 USC 2109.
    - This position is subject to the special retirement provisions for Air Traffic Controllers under CSRS and FERS (5 USC 3382, Involuntary Separation for Retirement; 5 USC 8335(a) and 8425(a), Mandatory Separation; 5 USC 8336(e) and 8412(e), Immediate Retirement; 5 USC 8339(e) and 8415(d), Computation of annuity.
    - The incumbent of this position must have the ability to sit and/or stand for long periods of time while controlling aircraft in a dimly lit IFR room.
    - At least 10 years of ATC experience in the ATC career field and within the last 3 years is highly desired. The position may require the employee to work under adverse environmental conditions.

    Click {HERE} to apply to complete an application and upload your resume (PDF preferred) and supporting documents (Transcripts, certifications, etc.).

    For tips on how to write a Federal Resume, checkout the following link(s):

    Visit the below link for information on the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Classification and Qualifications for most work in the Federal Government:

    To receive additional information about current and future job openings with Air Force Civilian Service, please register atwww.AFciviliancareers.comand click “Subscribe” in the top right corner.

    Please visit the Air Force Test Center job board to view other career opportunities:

    (Video) Tell Me About Yourself | Best Answer (from former CEO)

    Equal Opportunity Employer. U.S. citizenship required. Must be of legal working age.


    What does an air traffic manager do? ›

    Air traffic control managers oversee the operations of airfields and control centers, both on land and at sea, that direct the tactical employment of aircraft during combat or noncombat missions. They prepare flight operations plans and monitor the maneuvers of aircraft in and out of the airspace.

    How long is air traffic control training in Oklahoma City? ›

    Training: Trainees receive 16 weeks of instruction at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    What is the role of a watch supervisor in the air traffic control? ›

    Personnel performing watch supervision duties are responsible for ensuring that breaks are administered in an equitable manner and applied so as to promote the efficiency of the agency. They are also responsible for ensuring that breaks are of a reasonable duration.

    Can I be an air traffic controller after 31? ›

    What are the age requirements for individuals without previous air traffic control (ATC) experience? Candidates applying to an ATCS Trainee announcement must be age 30 or below, cannot be age 31 as of the closing date of the vacancy.

    What is the highest paying air traffic control jobs? ›

    Highest paying cities for Air Traffic Controllers near United States
    • Houston, TX. $115,205 per year. 6 salaries reported.
    • Atlanta, GA. $112,495 per year. 8 salaries reported.
    • Indianapolis, IN. $107,694 per year. 7 salaries reported.
    • Edwards, CA. $73,866 per year. ...
    • Los Angeles, CA. $52,882 per year. ...
    • Show more nearby cities.
    4 days ago

    How stressful is an air traffic controller job? ›

    Being an air traffic controller is an extremely high-stress job, with workers responsible for the movement and direction of thousands of lives onboard commercial and general aviation aircraft every day.

    What is the salary of an ATC? ›

    The average ATC Healthcare monthly salary ranges from approximately Php 12,453 per month for Cook to Php 58,690 per month for Accounting Manager.

    Is air traffic controller a good career? ›

    Great career with great pay and benefits. It is difficult to get selected and started in this career but once you are successful it is great job with good job security.

    How fast can you become an air traffic controller? ›

    FAA academy generally takes two to five months to complete, depending on your experience. It then takes another two to four years of on-the-job training to become fully certified. Air traffic controllers may become fully certified in as little as five years, or as many as eight.

    What is a traffic safety supervisor? ›

    What Does a Traffic Control Supervisor Do? As a traffic control supervisor, you oversee operations related to road and highway construction projects. Your responsibilities are to employ traffic control devices to divert pedestrians and drivers, monitor the repair of roads, and supervise teams as they install equipment.

    What is an air supervisor? ›

    The Air Tactical Group Supervisor (ATGS) coordinates incident airspace, manages incident air traffic, and is the link between ground personnel and incident aircraft. The ATGS is an airborne firefighter who coordinates, assigns, and evaluates the use of aerial resources in support of incident objectives.

    Why do air traffic controllers retire at 56? ›

    Air traffic controllers must remain focused and react quickly to conditions that change frequently. Being responsible for the safety of aircraft and their passengers may be stressful and exhausting. To prevent burnout, the FAA requires controllers to retire at age 56.

    Why do air traffic controllers have to retire at 55? ›

    As a high pressure job, air traffic controllers in many countries must retire well before the age of 60. Only a few jobs in highly regulated industries have controlled working and retirement ages. Aviation is well known to be one of these, with pilots' retirement age closely controlled.

    Do air traffic controllers get to choose where they work? ›

    Some functions of ATC (air traffic control) are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When air traffic controllers are hired as trainees by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), they choose a geographical area in which they want to work.

    Do air traffic controllers make 6 figures? ›

    They watch out for weather and traffic congestion and reroute planes if necessary. Some air traffic controllers make six figures. The median air traffic controller salary in 2021 was $129,750, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, becoming an air traffic controller takes years of commitment.

    What is the lowest Air Traffic Controller salary? ›

    How Much Do Air Traffic Controller Jobs Pay per Year? $35,000 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $44,500 is the 75th percentile.

    What is the most stressful job in the world Air Traffic Controller? ›

    Just another day for an air traffic controller in what is called the most stressful job in the world? No, actually it is a scene from the 1999 film Pushing Tin starring John Cusack, which is centered around the lives of two controllers.

    What personality type is an air traffic controller? ›

    Air traffic controllers are enterprising and conventional

    They also tend to be conventional, meaning that they are usually detail-oriented and organized, and like working in a structured environment. If you are one or both of these archetypes, you may be well suited to be an air traffic controller.

    Is there a lot of math in air traffic control? ›

    Air traffic control is a fast-paced job that requires a mathematics background. The required math knowledge includes geometry and calculus.

    What is the life expectancy of an air traffic controller? ›

    What is the life expectancy of an air traffic controller? Controllers must retire at the age of 56.

    Are air traffic controllers in demand? ›

    WASHINGTON, March 16 (Reuters) - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) needs more air traffic controllers to address rising passenger demand, the chair of a U.S. Senate panel overseeing aviation issues said on Thursday, amid investigations into a series of recent runway incidents. "We don't have enough pilots.

    What is the salary of a air traffic controller at JFK? ›

    The average salary for an air traffic controller in New York is around $135,230 per year.

    Why are ATC paid so much? ›

    Air traffic controllers get paid six-figure salaries because the nature of their work is stressful, exhausting, and leaves no room for error. While there are various routes to become one, air traffic controllers have to undergo lots of training as the safety of the aircrew and passengers is on the line.

    Do air traffic controllers get pension? ›

    For special provisions, your pension is more generous than your fellow traditional federal employees. You get 1.7% of your high-3 salary (we'll define that below) for the first 20 years of service and then you get 1% for every year you have after that.

    How many people fail ATC training? ›

    Approximately one-quarter of air traffic controller trainees fail field training at their first facility assignment.

    Do air traffic controllers get to fly free? ›

    Air traffic controllers are government workers, which means that you'll be on a sliding pay scale. The high pay rates aren't the only perk, however – employees in air traffic control positions also get reduced or even free travel rates as well as some of the best benefits packages in any career field.

    Is air traffic control training hard? ›

    Question: How tough is the training to become an air traffic controller? Answer: Training is very tough. The training process depends on which facility a person is assigned.

    Do air traffic controllers work long hours? ›

    Because air traffic control facilities operate 24 hours per day, they often work over 40 hours per week. Air traffic controllers are subject to federal regulations that require them to work shifts of 10 hours and take a minimum of nine-hour breaks between shifts.

    Is air traffic controller exam hard? ›

    The Air Traffic Controller Test (ATSA) is considered difficult, especially with no prior preparation. There are specific subtests that are harder than others. These include the memory games, the spatial relationship subtest, the ATC radar simulation test, and the logical reasoning subtest.

    What skills are required for safety supervisor? ›

    Critical Skills
    • Advanced Computer Skills.
    • Deliver Visual, Written, and Oral Instructions.
    • Excellent Interpersonal Skills.
    • Health, Safety and Environment Practices.
    • Leadership.
    • Operations Analysis and Monitoring.
    • Safety Regulations and Procedures.
    • Supervisory Practices.

    What is the supervisors role in safety training? ›

    Supervisors must ensure the safety of work assignments and workspaces, assign safety training related to hazards, provide safety procedures and equipment, correct identified hazards (where practicable), look into the causes of incidents and take action to prevent similar incidents, and discuss safety in regular ...

    What is traffic analyst supervisor? ›

    Oversees transportation activities including route assignments, route delivery, and account processing. Being a Traffic Supervisor schedules drivers and assigns routes to maximize productivity and ensure compliance with DOT regulations and company rules. May require a bachelor's degree.

    How much does an air resources supervisor get paid? ›

    The estimated total pay for a Air Resources Supervisor at California Air Resources Board is $95,759 per year.

    Can a senior airman be a supervisor? ›

    Senior Airmen gain supervision experience of individuals and begin building skills in leading teams. Upon completion of Airman Leadership School, a Senior Airman may have an opportunity to become an official supervisor.

    Do flight attendants have supervisors? ›

    A Cabin Crew Supervisor manages a team of flight attendants on an aircraft flight. You'll make sure cabin crew staff are providing excellent customer service and following correct procedures. Cabin Crew Supervisors may attend to security issues or deal with any passenger problems that arise during a flight.

    Can I be an air traffic controller at 45? ›

    Those without prior air traffic control experience must be 30 years of age or younger.

    How many air traffic controllers were fired? ›

    On August 5, following the PATCO workers' refusal to return to work, the Reagan administration fired the 11,345 striking air traffic controllers who had ignored the order, and banned them from federal service for life.

    Do you need 20 20 to be a air traffic controller? ›

    With or without correction air traffic controllers must demonstrate 20/20 distant vision in each eye separately, 20/40 in each eye at 16 inches near vision, and 20/40 in each eye at 32 inches intermediate vision if they are 50 years of age or older. Glasses or contact lenses are permitted.

    What is the minimum retirement age for ATC? ›

    Similar to Federal Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs), there are medical requirements for attaining an ATC position. There is also a mandatory retirement age, but unlike firefighters and LEOs, retirement is required at age 56, not 57.

    Can you retire before 65 as a pilot? ›

    "The Standard limits the privileges for pilots in single-pilot commercial air transport operations to 60 years of age, while extending that limit to 65 years of age for multi-pilot operations.

    Why is pilot retirement age 65? ›

    In 2007, the retirement age for pilots in the United States was raised from 60 to 65 after medical reports concluded age had an 'insignificant impact' on performance in the cockpit and there were safety precautions already in place to prevent accidents in case of incapacitation.

    Where do most air traffic controllers get stationed? ›

    Terminal air traffic control specialists are stationed in airport control towers or the terminal radar approach control (TRACON) room. They are sometimes known as tower controllers.

    Do air traffic controllers make more than pilots? ›

    Pilots are required to have a meal every 4 or 6 hours during the flight period. During long haul flight, pilot use auto pilot to assist their performance. This means that individual pilots have owner assistance to reduce stress in the cockpit. Most pilots have higher salaries than ATC.

    Where do air traffic controllers get stationed? ›

    All ATCs must earn and maintain a Federal Aviation Administration ATC Specialist Certificate. ATCs can deploy to or be stationed anywhere in the world in support of airfield or air base operations. However, being an ATC is not for everyone.

    How do I get into air traffic management? ›

    How To Become An Air Traffic Controller
    1. Get qualified. Pursuing science in 10+2 is the primary requirement for becoming an air traffic controller. ...
    2. Pass the entrance exam. ...
    3. Clear the preliminary tests. ...
    4. Undergo training. ...
    5. Gain experience. ...
    6. Communication. ...
    7. Spatial awareness. ...
    8. Problem-solving and decision making.
    Jan 26, 2023

    What is the job position of traffic manager? ›

    Most commonly, traffic managers work in marketing agencies, where they manage campaigns for a book of clients. Traffic managers are also employed by larger companies within marketing departments, where they collaborate with the rest of the marketing team on optimizing ad campaigns and improving traffic numbers.

    What is the difference between air traffic control and air traffic management? ›

    Pilots depend on the instructions they receive from air traffic control to safely and efficiently travel from their origins to their destinations. In contrast, traffic managers facilitate a "system approach" to managing traffic that considers the impact of individual actions on the whole.

    What qualifications do you need to be an air traffic controller? ›

    You'll need:
    • concentration skills.
    • knowledge of transport methods, costs and benefits.
    • the ability to use your judgement and make decisions.
    • the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.
    • excellent verbal communication skills.
    • complex problem-solving skills.
    • to be thorough and pay attention to detail.

    Is air traffic control a difficult job? ›

    Air traffic controllers work in control towers, approach control facilities, or en route centers. Their work can be stressful because maximum concentration is required at all times.

    How much does an air traffic controller make? ›

    The national average annual wage of an air traffic controller is $120,830, according to the BLS, well over double the e average annual salary for all occupations, $51,960. However, depending on which state you're employed as an air traffic controller, your salary could be far lower.

    What skills do you need to be a traffic manager? ›

    Required Skills/Abilities:
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Strong supervisory and leadership skills.
    • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
    • Strong logistical, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.

    What makes a good traffic manager? ›

    A good traffic manager can manage timelines and resources effectively, thus ensuring projects are finished on time and within budget. Reduce errors and miscommunications.

    What is a paid traffic manager? ›

    Traffic managers are in high demand today as they are responsible for directing website traffic, especially by running paid campaigns on networks like Google Ads and social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    What are the 3 levels of air traffic control? ›

    There are three types of air traffic controllers. These are tower controllers, terminal controllers and en route controllers.

    What rank is air traffic controller? ›

    Navy E-4/5/6 Air Traffic Controller Rating Badges

    Criteria: Worn by Air Traffic Controllers (AC) with ranks from Petty Officer 3rd Class (E-4) to Petty Officer 1st Class (E-6). Air Traffic Controllers are responsible for the flow of air traffic by directing aircraft.

    How many hours do air traffic controllers work? ›

    As an air traffic controller, you usually work around 37 to 40 hours per week full time and may work days, nights, weekends and even holidays. Typically, you work in shifts to ensure that someone is covering all sections of airspace 24 hours a day.

    Can you be an air traffic controller with glasses? ›

    With or without correction air traffic controllers must demonstrate 20/20 distant vision in each eye separately, 20/40 in each eye at 16 inches near vision, and 20/40 in each eye at 32 inches intermediate vision if they are 50 years of age or older. Glasses or contact lenses are permitted.


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