Trevor Bayne Daytona 500 (2023)

1. 20-year-old Bayne wins the Daytona 500 - St. Augustine Record

  • Trevor Bayne celebrates Sunday after winning the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. By JOHN. DAYTONA BEACH -- Trevor Bayne finally made a mistake.

  • DAYTONA BEACH -- Trevor Bayne finally made a mistake. Fortunately for him, it didn't happen until he missed the turn pulling into Victory Lane at the Daytona 500. The youngest driver to win the Gre…

2. Trevor Bayne's 2011 Daytona 500 Victory Brought Wood Brothers from ...

  • Jul 13, 2021 · Even now, for the team and the family and our business, Trevor Bayne winning the 2011 Daytona 500 is our greatest win.” Did he say Trevor Bayne?

  • One of NASCAR's most storied franchises is one win shy of 100 in NASCAR Cup Series.

3. NASCAR 75th anniversary moments: 2011 Daytona 500 - NBC Sports

  • Duration: 2:02Posted: Feb 22, 2023

  • As NASCAR celebrates its 75th anniversary season, relive the 2011 Daytona 500 and Trevor Bayne's unlikely victory at age 20 in the No. 21 car for Wood Brothers Racing.

4. Trevor Bayne's Daytona 500 Victory Is One of Historic, Epic Proportions

  • Truly, Trevor Bayne became a household name today in the sports world. He is destined to become an iconic athlete that will be one of America's great role ...

  • When I talked to Trevor Bayne last year on the phone in between his Nationwide races, after having been introduced to him by a mutual friend in Knoxville, he was struggling to find sponsors to continue on the junior NASCAR circuit...

5. Daytona 500: "Are You Kiddin Me?" Trevor Bayne Wins - Bleacher Report

  • Bayne is the first driver to win the Daytona 500 in his first try since Lee Petty won the the first Daytona 500 ever held in 1959. Bayne will now go on a ...

  • The Wood Brothers famous No. 21 returned to Victory Lane in the Daytona 500 in dramatic fashion when Trevor Bayne, a day after his 20th birthday, held off the field coming to the ...

6. Cinderally Story Written as Trevor Bayne Wins Daytona 500; Ford Fin

  • Today's win in the Daytona 500 was the 600th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win for Ford Racing and its 12th overall in “The Great American Race.” • Trevor Bayne ...

  • MARCOS AMBROSE – No. 9 Stanley Ford Fusion (Finished 37th) – WHAT DID YOU SEE FROM YOUR SEAT?  “Not a lot.  I saw the 00 spun out and I just checked out.  I was going pretty straight and they all started running over the top of me.  I thought I had it saved and then I got spun down on the bottom, and then Jeff Gordon finished me off.  We’re gonna get back out with the Stanley Ford Fusion.  We’re excited to be at Daytona, it’s just a shame it ended this way.”  IS THIS AN ISSUE NASCAR WILL HAVE TO ADDRESS BEFORE TALLADEGA?  “I don’t know.  I’m just driving the race car.  Whatever the rules are and whatever we’re doing I’m gonna be part of it, but it’s ruined our day.  It’s been unfortunate for Stanley.  It’s my first race for this team and it’s just a terrible way to do it.”  HOW WAS THE RACING OUT THERE?  “It’s really close.  Everybody is trying to find partners to work with and pull away.  I think everyone is just trying to work out how to do it.  Today, I was just trying to make sure I didn’t drop off the back without finding a good partner and got caught up in a mess, too.  I was trying to play it safe and it didn’t work out too well for me.”    ROBERT RICHARDSON, JR. – No. 37 Front Row Ford Fusion (Finished 38th) – WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE?  “You know, it is crazy. That is what is happening today with that two car draft. Everyone is still trying to figure it out. I was running with my teammate Travis Kvapil and I was getting pretty tight off the corners and he was locked onto my bumper. I was trying to keep it out of the wall and he was still attached to me. The rest is history. I hate it. I hate it for Front Row Motorsports and everyone else that gave me an opportunity to run this race. It is definitely not Daytona racing. This two car draft stuff is pretty tough to deal with and try to get a handle on and trust the guy behind you. I am okay though.”  IS THIS SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO GET ADDRESSED BEFORE TALLADEGA?  “If they were going to address something, you would have thought it would have happened before this race. There are definitely some things they need to change to get it back to pack racing like it used to be. It is our job as racers to try to get away and break the mold a little bit though too. Hopefully by Talladega they will have something figured out so that all the cars can get back to big pack racing again.”   MATT KENSETH – No. 17 Crown Royal Black Ford Fusion (Finished 34th) – “We were pretty beat up and it was pretty hard to control.  I should have known better.  I should have just stayed in the back and hoped for a lucky dog or a wavearound, but Mark did a wavearound that time so we were trying to race him for the lucky dog.  I was driving up there in traffic where I knew I wasn’t capable of doing with a car pushing me.  Greg was trying to help me out to get me back on the lead lap, so we were coming up through the middle and he was pushing me.  Logano put on a big block, so I had to get on the brakes and slow up for him and Greg couldn’t quite slow up and just got me turned around.” 

7. Trevor Bayne gets another shot in NASCAR 11 years after Daytona 500

  • Austin Cindric became the youngest Daytona 500 winner last Sunday since a 20-year-old Trevor Bayne won the Great American Race back in 2011.

  • Trevor Bayne will return to the Xfinity Series for Saturday's race at Auto Club Speedway.

8. Trevor Bayne wins the 2011 DAYTONA 500 | By NASCAR

  • Duration: 1:01Posted: Feb 4, 2021

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

9. Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne to race for Joe Gibbs Racing in 2022

  • Bayne's win in 2011 was one for the history books. Not only did he become the youngest driver to win the 500, but he did so in the famed Wood Brothers No. 21 ...

  • Bayne, who won the 2011 Daytona 500, last raced in the Cup Series in 2018. He's set to make several Xfinity starts with JGR in 2022.

10. Trevor Bayne Captures Daytona 500 - The New York Times

  • Feb 20, 2011 · “I keep thinking I'm dreaming, I really do,” said Bayne, who turned 20 on Saturday and became the youngest Daytona 500 winner. Bayne, who won ...

  • With a record number of lead changes, leaders and cautions from wrecks that took out some of the biggest names, it was only appropriate that the most unpredictable Daytona 500 ended with the most unexpected driver celebrating.

11. David Pearson's words inspire young Trevor Bayne before Daytona 500

  • Trevor Bayne celebrates after winning the Daytona 500 and returning Wood Brothers Racing to Victory Lane. DAYTONA BEACH - There wasn't a lot David Pearson could ...

  • DAYTONA BEACH - There wasn't a lot David Pearson could tell Trevor Bayne before the start of Sunday's Daytona 500 that he didn't already know. But it still made an impression. Too young to apprecia…

12. Bayne's World! Rookie driver Trevor Bayne wins Daytona 500 - ESPN

  • Feb 20, 2011 · DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Trevor Bayne finally made a mistake. Fortunately for him, it didn't happen until he missed the turn pulling into Victory ...

  • Twenty-year-old Trevor Bayne has won the Daytona 500 in only his second Sprint Cup start.

13. Trevor Bayne to run three NASCAR Xfinity races with JGR

  • Aug 23, 2023 · Former Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne returns to action this weekend to compete in the NASCAR Xfinity Series with Joe Gibbs Racing. ... Bayne, 32 ...

  • Bayne, 32, will compete in three Xfinity races in JGR’s No. 19 Toyota during the remainder of the 2023 season, beginning with Friday night’s race at Daytona International Speedway.

14. Who is Trevor Bayne? Former Daytona 500 winner's career explored

  • Aug 24, 2023 · In the world of NASCAR, few names evoke the spirit of victory quite like Trevor Bayne.

  • In the world of NASCAR, few names evoke the spirit of victory quite like Trevor Bayne.

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